Stylish Fashion Waistcoat with Front Drape


Introducing our Signature Asymmetrical Deconstructed Waistcoat

Features a sweeping front godet. Cascading gracefully to one side. The juxtaposition of bold contrasts manifests through a refined fabric insert at the upper back, an artful touch that exemplifies the unique essence of this piece. Occasionally pair it with our Stylish Fashion Pants for that Special occasion where it is an absolute  ‘must’ to stand out!

Colour : Black

Model wears a size S(8/10).

Model Bust: 86cm

Model Hip: 96cm

Model Height: 172cm

Waistcoat Fit: Easy Fit

Care and Composition

PolyViscose Suiting

Gentle hand wash in cold  water to preserve the fabric and colour, and to accordingly prolong the aesthetics of the garment and its structure. Always wash inside out and use warm to moderately hot iron to avoid  scorching the fibres.

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Crafted to Perfection

With meticulous attention to detail and the finest materials, this Waistcoat promises stunning aesthetics and luxurious comfort. Our Stylish Fashion Waistcoat with Front Drape is more than a garment.  Moreover, it is an emblem of confidence, elegance, and individuality—all encased in an exquisite piece.

The Challenge of Timeless Elegance

In the fast-paced fashion world, it can be challenging to find clothing that embodies both timeless elegance and modern flair. Undoubtedly, many women desire to stand out and express their individuality but struggle to find clothes that truly reflect their unique style. As a result, they often settle for trendy, short-lived pieces that fail to make a lasting impression.

Enter our Stylish Fashion Waistcoat with front drape—a true masterpiece that blends classic designs with an unquestionably fresh twist.

A Masterpiece of Design

Let’s delve into the design that sets this Stylish Waistcoat with Front Drape apart. The cascading front godet adds a touch of asymmetrical allure, exuding avant-garde sophistication. But that’s not all – be enchanted by the striking contrast fabric insert that gracefully adorns the side front and upper back, elevating the waistcoat’s uniqueness.

Yet, the true marvel lies in its unconventional artistry. Meticulously crafted with a daring inside-out appearance, the strategically showcased lining on the exterior transforms traditional tailoring into an art form.

Embrace Elevated Minimalism

Claim it as your own, and simultaneously embrace the allure of elevated minimalism. So, let your style resonate with the world, expressing your uniqueness in every step.


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